Rinsekit Review – Pod, Plus, And Heater Benefits

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Fishing can be quite a messy event. From salt and sand to fish guts and blood, your fishing equipment, your boat, and even yourself can become dirty fast.

In these situations, it is great to have the ability to maintain cleanliness at all times.

The Rinsekit is the solution to all your fishing cleanliness issues whether you are on the water or casting from the shore. 

The best part of the Rinsekit is its versatility. 

Not only is the Rinsekit a must-have for any avid angler, but it also can be used for so many other purposes, that adding it to your collection of outdoor recreational equipment is a no brainer.

That being said, there are still a few things you should consider before purchasing the Rinsekit. 

Let us take a closer look at what you should consider before purchasing the Rinsekit as well as review some of the features, benefits, and uses of the Rinsekit.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Rinsekit

Ok, so we know that you already might be considering purchasing the Rinsekit for all of your outdoor cleanliness needs. 

But are there things you should still consider before making your purchase?

The answer is yes. There are two different sizes of the Rinsekit, the Rinsekit Plus, and the Rinsekit Pod, along with a few accessories that you may want to consider as well. 

Let us answer a few questions to determine which size you will need, and which accessories would make sense to add as additional purchases. 

What Kind of Fishing Will You Be Doing?

The Rinsekit is essential for both fresh and saltwater fishing, however, it is incredibly important for saltwater fishing.

Saltwater Fishing: 

Saltwater fishing can be extremely messy and the build-up of salt on your equipment can cause great damage over time. 

You spend a great deal of money on your saltwater baitcasting reels and larger deep sea fishing rods, so you want your equipment to last as long as possible. 

Maybe even make a great hand-me down someday to one of your children who follow you in your love of the sport. 

That being said, salt is the number one enemy of fishing equipment and it’s the number one cause of reels seizing up and stopping functioning properly. 

The salt can also eat away at the eyeholes on your rod, creating spurs that can snap your line. 

Even though most fishing equipment that is designed for saltwater fishing is designed and constructed with corrosion-resistant parts and seals, saltwater can still seep into areas and wreak some havoc. 

Also, it is important to note that even the most corrosive resistant materials are not perfect.

The Rinsekit should be used by every saltwater angler to keep their fishing equipment clean and free from salt throughout the day while they are fishing. 

It is good to always rinse your fishing equipment at the end of the fishing day. 

However, using the Rinsekit every hour while on the boat, or while casting from the shore, will keep your equipment free from salt and sand and add years of life to your equipment. 

Freshwater Fishing: 

The same thing applies to freshwater fishing. Though you are not exposed to as harmful conditions as saltwater fishing, dirt and grime can still build up and should be rinsed away as much as possible. 

Whether you are fresh or saltwater fishing, it can be a messy affair. 

Not only is it the sand, salt, and dirt you need to worry about, you have fish guts, blood, words, minnows, and other things that can cause a mess and harm your equipment.

Use the Rinsekit to remove all unwanted substances from your equipment, hands, and body.

Another great way to use the Rinsekit is while you are cleaning your fish. Use the pressurized spray to help descale, gut, and fillet your fish. Then use it again to clean your fillet knife and surfaces once you are finished.

Will You Be Taking Multi-Day Fishing Trips or Just Single Day Trips?

If you are only heading out in the boat or to the beach for the day, you may be able to get away with the smaller Rinsekit Pod.

For multi-day fishing trips, you will want to go with the larger Rinsekit Plus. The Rinsekit Plus stores much more water. 

Check out the video below to learn more about the Rinsekit Plus:

Also, if you will not have access to a sink or water spigot, it’s important that you purchase the Rinsekit Pressure Booster pump to pressurize the water up to 60 PSI. 

This will ensure that the spray nozzle functions properly. 

This way you can fill your Rinsekit with freshwater from a lake or river, or some other source, and then ensure its properly pressurized. 

If you fill the Rinsekit from a sink faucet or spigot, then the water will be pressurized while it is being filled. 

Can You Use the Rinsekit for Other Outdoor Activities?

Of course, you can!

The creator of the Rinsekit invented this device so that while he was surfing, he could rinse himself off and remove all the sand and salt from his skin and hair before heading home for the day. 

The Rinsekit can be used for any outdoor activity that you can think of and it can be a great addition to any camping trip, hunting trip, doing the dishes, clean camping equipment, and even take a shower.

The additional purchase of the Rinsekit Heater will allow you to heat your water by inserting a rod into the Rinsekit and plugging the other end into a 12-volt cigarette lighter in your vehicle. 

The heated water is great for taking showers and for washing camp dishes and silverware.

Will You Always Have Access to a Water Spigot or Sink During Your Trip?

Again, just to reiterate, if you plan on being off the beaten path with no access to a water spigot or a sink, then the purchase of the Rinsekit Pressure Booster is a must. 

How Much Water Will I Use for My Rinsekit?

The Rinsekit Pod contains a 1.75-gallon tank and can directly spray pressurized water for up to 3.5 minutes and a mist for 8 minutes.

The Rinsekit Plus holds 2 gallons of water and can spray a direct spray for up to 5 minutes and a mist for 10 minutes. 

What is the Rinsekit and How Does it Work?

The Rinsekit is an incredible portable pressurized water system that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities including camping, surfing, and fishing. 

Use the Rinsekit to clean your fishing equipment, including your rods and reels, and to ensure they do not succumb to deterioration caused by the build-up of sand and salt over time. 

Use your Rinsekit to clean your hands and surfaces from blood, fish guts, bait, and other messy substances you will encounter while fishing and while cleaning your fish to be eaten.

The pressurized water is perfect for descaling fish as well as to clean your fillet knife and any surfaces once you are finished.

Heat your water using the Rinsekit Heater for taking a shower and washing camp dishes. Or create a nice warm water and soapy solution to clean any of your outdoor equipment and even your vehicle. 

Do not have access to a sink or water spigot? No problem. Fill the Rinsekit with water from any source and then use the Rinsekit Pressure Booster pump to pressurize the water. 

Choose from the Rinsekit Plus or the Rinsekit Pod depending on your pressurized water needs.

Each model comes with a 6-foot hose, a 5-setting spray nozzle, an adapter to attach your hose to a water spigot, and another adapter to attach your hose to a sink faucet. 

Use the sink faucet adapter to quickly fill your Rinsekit with hot water, negating the need to purchase the Rinsekit Hot Rod Water Heater. 

What are the Features and Benefits of the Rinsekit?

The features and benefits of the Rinsekit are endless and its limitations match only the limitations of your imagination.

There are so many ways that the Rinsekit can be used, you will not regret this purchase and you will for sure get your money’s worth.

The features include the pressurized water and spray nozzle with 5 different spray settings, a 6-foot hose, adapters to fill your Rinsekit from either a sink or water spigot, and the option to purchase the Rinsekit Hot Rod Heater and Rinsekit Pressure Booster Pump. 

The benefits include portability, maintaining clean hands, equipment, and surfaces, multiple uses, and it is easy to use. Also, it can be used as a camp shower if desired.

To use the Rinsekit, simply connect the Rinsekit hose using one of the adapters to either a water spigot or a sink faucet. 

As you fill the Rinsekit using either the water spigot or sink faucet, the Rinsekit itself traps the water pressure being transferred from the source into the Rinsekit.

It takes only 20-30 seconds to fill and the water will remain pressurized for up to one month. 

Since now we are pretty familiar with the uses, features, and benefits of the Rinsekit, let us break down some of the pros and cons. 


  • Does not require batteries or electricity. 
  • Spray nozzle has multiple pressure settings. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Constructed from heavy-duty and durable PE and ABS plastics. 
  • The tank is made of 100% recyclable HDPE & PP plastic and is BPA free
  • Comes in two different sizes and optional accessories are available for purchase.
  • Takes water pressure directly from the sink faucet or water spigot and transfers it to the Rinsekit. 
  • Efficient use of water. 


  • Limited amount of water can be sprayed.
  • Need access to a water spigot or sink to fill up without the purchase of the pressure pump.

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Are There Any Alternatives To The Rinsekit?

There are many alternatives to the Rinsekit on the market right now. Specifically, the number of camp showers available is astounding. 

If you are interested in the Rinsekit as only a camp shower, you may want to explore what other options are available to you. 

There are solar showers, electric showers powered through your vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter, and battery-operated showers. 

The electric and battery-operated showers use electricity to both spray pressurized water and to heat the water.

Solar showers use gravity to create water flow and the sun to heat the water. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the best camp showers available to you provided by our friends at Gear Moose. 

If you are looking for something specifically for fishing, especially saltwater fishing, then the Rinsekit is your best option. 

For freshwater fishing, you may want to explore pressurized water hoses that pump water directly from the lake, but these will not work for saltwater since you do not want to rinse off your equipment with saltwater. 

Basically, yes there are many alternatives on the market that you can explore, however, none of them have as much all-in-one power as the Rinsekit contains. Its versatility is unmatched.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think the Rinsekit is a great addition to all your outdoor recreational and fishing gear.

The simplicity of its design, its ease of use, and the almost infinite number of ways that it can be used sets it apart from similar products on the market. 

Also, since it is constructed from heavy-duty and durable materials, and it contains no complex moving or electrical parts, the Rinsekit is sure to last you a long time.

Simply fill your Rinsekit and take it with you to rinse off your fishing gear, clean your camp dishes and take camp showers, help clean your fish before a nice meal, or even use it to give your dog a bath. 

I cannot stress enough how much the Rinsekit will come in handy and how many uses that you will discover for it. 

The last thing to mention is its affordability. 

Even with the purchase of some of the additional accessories, the ability to use the Rinsekit for so many purposes without having to buy different equipment for all the different uses you need is worth every penny.

The Rinsekit is a smart purchase that will pay for itself in no time. 

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