Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rods

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Fishing from the beach can be a lot of fun, but it does come with some limitations

If you’re using a standard surf fishing rod, you might find it difficult to cast long distances, leaving your bait close to shore.

However, there’s a solution. A good quality long-distance surf casting rod can help you cast further and target larger fish lurking in the waves.

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What Is the Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rod?

What to Look for in a Long-Distance Surf Casting Rod





Casting Ability 


The 5 Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rods

What Is the Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rod?

The Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rods Are:

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What to Look for in a Long-Distance Surf Casting Rod

The information below will acquaint you with the most important features to look for in a long distance casting rod.


The most obvious but first feature that you need to look for in your long-distance surf casting rod is its size. 

For you to reach fish that are far offshore, you need a high-quality rod that will allow you to cast long distances.

You will want to be able to cast your bait or lure far past the breaking waves with your long-distance surf casting rod. 

This will not only allow you to go after larger fish but will also make it possible for you to maintain some accuracy and precision with your casts. 

Most surf rods measure between 9 and 16 feet in length. If you’re looking for a long distance casting rod, you should err for a rod on the longer side of that range. 

Most of the best long distance surf casting rods are about 11-12 feet long, with some other good options available at higher or lower ends of that spectrum, too. 

Keep in mind that there is a trade-off, though. With a longer rod comes less accuracy, but you’ll be able to cast a bit further.

A longer rod will also allow you to go after heavier fish. Long rods can be tiring to use, but they’re going to be the way to go when you’re fishing far offshore.

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If you’re concerned that you’re going to have to compromise maneuverability for casting distance, just wait a moment. Action can often help you balance things. 

If you select a rod with a slow action, you will be able to increase your casting distance. 

You may still have some compromised accuracy, but your rod will be able to bend farther, giving you a bit more assistance in casting.


No matter what kind of fishing rod you’re looking for, the build should always be at the top of your priority list. 

Surf rods are large – and long distance surf casting rods are even larger. Therefore, you need to make sure your rod is made out of durable materials.

After all, accidents can – and do – happen. If you plan on using your surf fishing rod on a regular basis, you need to know that it’s made to last. 

Pick a rod made out of a durable composite, such as graphite, in order to find the best buy.


Look for a long distance surf casting rod that can bend without automatically breaking. 

Whether you’re fishing in the surf or reeling in a monster, you need to know that your gear will hold up. 

Sensitivity is another related feature that’s important – while you do lose some sensitivity as your rod gets longer and better equipped at casting long distances, you should look for a rod that has good reviews when it comes to sensitivity.

Casting Ability 

Surf casting rods are often sold with the optimum range of lead weights included in the marketing materials. 

Usually, the range will cover a spread of up to 4 oz – for example, 6 oz to 10 oz.

You can always go outside of these ranges, but keep in mind that your casting rod can be overpowered by weights outside the ideal range. 


Finally, it’s important to think about how the rod will be compatible with your other gear – and with your lifestyle. 

For example, does the rod work better with braid or nylon monofilament line? Braid line is a bit tougher than monofilament, but it’s more expensive. 

Depending on what kind of rod you have, it may work better with one type of line than another. Also, consider whether the rod breaks down into multiple pieces. 

This is certainly not a must-have feature, but if you plan on trying to fit the surf casting rod into your car on a regular basis, a breakdown design might be helpful. 

Top 5 Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rods

Here are our top 5 long casting surf rods on the market today.

1. Penn Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Unless it’s your first-day fishing, you’re probably already familiar with the Penn name when it comes to dynamite fishing equipment. 

Penn offers several different surf casting rods, each of which we’ll discuss more specifically later.

Penn Prevail & Prevail II Surf Casting Fishing Rod, Aluminum, Pack of 1

However, Prevail and Prevail II are some of the best. With a whole series of rods and rod lengths to choose from, Penn makes it easy for you to find the rod that’s perfectly customized to your needs. 

With size options ranging from eight to twelve feet, the rod has all the flexibility you need to customize your levels of casting freedom. 

Don’t want to use a giant, cumbersome rod No problem. There are shorter rods available, too. 

Nevertheless, with the maximum length offered at 12 feet, nothing about this rod is overly large. You won’t need to worry about having to lug around an excessively long surf casting rod with this pick. 

Take this rod anywhere you want to go – it is constructed with a convenient two-piece design. Plus, it’s flexible – something you don’t find often in rods that can be broken down. 

Even though it’s flexible and portable, it can definitely take a beating. Made out of durable materials, it can be used as both a casting and a spinning rod.

It offers longevity and versatility, which is also something that’s not common, even among the very best distance surf casting rods. 


  • Convenient and portable two-piece design
    Can be used as a spinning or casting rod 
  • Made out of durable materials 


  • Some customers complain that this rod is a bit heavier and stiffer than desired

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2. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

Okuma makes one of the best rods for surf casting, particularly surf casting long distances. 

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod is not only one of my favorite rods for long-distance surf casting, but it’s also loved by thousands of anglers around the world. 

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods (Large, Black/Blue/Silver), 10'

Here’s why

An eleven-foot rod, you don’t have to worry about it being overly long or too difficult to maneuver. Despite its length, it has a superior level of sensitivity. 

With fiberglass 70/30 blanks and well-constructed inserts and guides, this rod pays attention to detail. 

Every aspect of this rod is constructed with care, from the inserts to the pole itself. You don’t need to worry about this rod breaking down or becoming unusable any time soon. 

An excellent surf casting rod, it’s best for people who have a bit of experience with the hobby – yet can also be used by beginners with a little bit of know-how. 

It has EVA foam handles that take it from beyond functional to absolutely enjoyable to use. 


  • Superb levels of sensitivity and performance
  • Has a great guiding system 
  • Comfortable to use


  • It may take beginners some time to master the use of this rod

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3. Penn Carnage Rod

The Penn Carnage Fishing Rod is another top selection by Penn. 

Made out of super lightweight – yet durable – materials, this rod is one in a brand new line of ultralight yet highly effective options by Penn. 

PENN Carnage III Surf Spinning Fishing Rod,Silver/Black/Gold, 10' - Medium - 15-30lb - 2pc

This rod, formally known as the Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Rod, can handle just about anything you throw at it – from heavy game fish to challenging weather conditions. 

It is best used with braided line and has a unique SLS3 construction that offers users thin yet effective blanks. 

The Penn Carnage also has coaxing guides and an aluminum rod butt. This helps the rod hold up well, even in rough conditions. 

With a standard Fuji reel seat, you’ll notice a closer (and more stable!) connection between the reel and your rod. 

Available in lengths varying from 10’ to 13’, this rod also comes with several options for weights. 

You can choose from medium, medium-heavy, extra heavy, and heavy construction. When it comes to lures, this rod can throw anything up to 12 oz.

No matter which weight or length you choose, you’ll find that this surf casting rod helps you out there on the water.

It is nonetheless comfortable to use – it has rubber shrink tube handles that allow you to experience a smooth, yet firm and comfortable fishing experience. 


  • Available in several weights and lengths 
  • Offer a smooth, effortless cast
  • Made out of strong, durable materials


  • Some users report that the pole can be a bit stiff

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4. Okuma’s Solaris Surf Fishing Rods-SS-C-1102H-2

Okuma, like Penn, is a brand that consistently rises to the top when it comes to the top long distance surf casting rods – along with fishing rods in general. 

This rod is unique on my list because it’s shorter than your average surf casting rod – it’s only about 10 feet long. 

However, don’t let its small size fool you – it’s incredibly effective. A convenient rod, it can be broken down into two pieces. 

Its small size and portability make it one of the best products for people who like to travel to their favorite fishing spots. 

It also makes it possible for anglers who would normally be prevented from accessing new adventures to do so freely. 

The Solaris fishing rod is one of the best because it is made out of durable, long-lasting graphite along with flexible composite. 

It has an excellent power rating along with unrivaled sensitivity at the tip of the rod. You’ll know right away when you have a fish on the rod. 


  • Excellent sensitivity and action
  • Super portable for long car trips
  • Made out of all graphite materials


  • The rod handle breaks down quickly

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5. Penn Battalion Surf Casting Rod

A 12’ long distance surf casting rod, this option by Penn is one of the best when you’re using heavier lures.

It can handle six to twelve-ounce lures and can be equipped with a 25-50 lb fishing line. This surf casting rod has nine guides, allowing you to cast for quite a distance. 

It has an eight to twelve lead rating and is the perfect match for the Penn Fathom 15 Star Drag Reel, making for an easy match when it comes to rounding out your shopping cart. 

A lightweight – yet durable – rod, this option has superior sensitivity and can be used with braided line to cast more than 100 yards. 

It can be a bit stiff upon first use but has plenty of backbone and power to make up for it. 


  • Excellent action at the tip
  • Made out of durable materials
  • Can be used with a variety of heavier lures


  • Some customers report that it is too stiff at first

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Why Do I Need a Special Surf Casting Rod?

When you’re shopping for a long-distance surf casting rod, you might be asking yourself, “Ok. I get it.

But why can’t I just save some money and buy a surf spinning rod – instead of a casting rod?”

Whether you’re having trouble finding the right rod within your price range or you just want to save time by buying a two-functions-in-one kind of rod, don’t cut corners here. You need a special long-distance surf casting rod. 

This is because surf casting rods are designed to be used with special reels. These reels allow line to be spooled through the reel in a specialized fashion. 

The lead swings through a wider arc so that you can utilize more tailored casting techniques, like the pendulum cast, to reach your target. 

Whether you’re an advanced angler or someone new to the sport of surf fishing, the best long-distance surf casting rod will make it easier for you to master the craft. 

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