5 Best Spearguns For The Money – reviewed For 2024

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The speargun is the main tool in a spearo’s arsenal but with such a diverse range to choose from nowadays, choosing the right one can seem like a chore.

A good speargun needs to be viewed as an investment. It needs to fit your budget while at the same time fulfilling your specific needs.

So, in order to make a wise choice, we need to first establish what those needs are, and what they entail. Consider these questions:

What types of fish are you after? Your equipment will differ greatly if you’re going after tuna compared to going after grouper or bass.

Where are you fishing? If you’re diving in reefs, or other relatively shallow, rocky waters for smaller fish, you will need a shorter, more maneuverable speargun compared to if you’re diving in the sea and hunting bigger game.

Would you prefer a pneumatic speargun or a band-powered one? Both have their pros and cons. Pneumatic spearguns are more compact and, as a result, more convenient, but if something goes wrong, they’re more difficult to repair than a traditional band-powered gun.

With those questions in mind, our recommendations are going to cover spearguns fit for both small and big game fish with the addition of specifics that add to their value.

So, whatever the size of your fish and the size of your budget might be, here are our recommendations for the best spearguns for the money:

Before we start this list of products, please keep in mind that you need to follow local laws and know which species are protected. Remember to always protect the Ecosystem, leave the big breeders, and respect the environment when spearfishing.

The Best Spearguns for the money in 2024

Here are the top 5 spearguns on the market today

Cressi Commanche Speargun

The budget king. An excellent band-powered speargun, following the minimalistic philosophy of Cressi that focuses on function over feature bloat.

An extremely affordable option, perfect for the beginner, as well as the advanced spearo who wants to keep it simple, it comes in sizes ranging from 60cm (26.6in) to 110cm (43.3in).

Reloading is easy, the stock and shaft are corrosion resistant, and it’s overall a great choice for what it does.

If you’re looking for a budget speargun to fish in relatively shallow waters and you’re going after small to medium-sized fish, you can’t beat this speargun for the money.

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Mares Viper Pro Speargun

Reviews on this gun seem to be sparse for some reason, but when it comes to budget spearguns, we think the Mares viper pro is one of the all-round best band-powered spearguns for the money.

Mares has a long tradition of crafting quality spearguns, and improving them with time, rather than flooding the market with new models.

The Mares Viper pro is an example of well thought out engineering and real proof that Mares are always looking to improve their products.

The rail on the top of the barrel adds strength to it, stops the shaft from flexing when shot, thus increasing accuracy, and makes reloading a bit more streamlined.

The trigger is adjustable, so if you’re picky about having a stiff or light trigger pull, this speargun is one of the few at this budget that will allow you to adjust it yourself.

The feature that stands out for us the most is the safety mechanism.

If you consider the standard speargun safety mechanism unreliable and a chore to deal with, the Viper Pro has you covered.

When armed, the safety will be on the way of your trigger pull, so you’ll never miss another fish again because you tried to take a shot with the safety on.

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Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Railgun Speargun

The Rob Allen Tuna Railgun is one of those spearguns that has been around long enough to be tested by spearos both in terms of performance, as well as reliability.

If you’re looking for a reliable jack-of-all-trades, this is it. With two bands installed right out of the box, power is not something you will miss when using the Rob Allen Tuna railgun.

Its aircraft-grade aluminum barrel is reinforced making it perfect for hunting big game fish, yet maneuverable enough to fit the needs of spearos who prefer hunting in shallower waters.

This is one of the spearguns that has stood the test of time, and if the size of your game fish varies, yet your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase more than one gun, the Rob Allen Tuna Railgun could be the best choice for the money.

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JBL American Made Speargun

JBL is a highly respected brand, and for a good reason. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and even though they’re a tad pricier than their European equivalents, they remain a top contender in the search for the best speargun

This model comes in two different versions. One that is made from African Mahogany, and one made from standard aluminum.

Feature-wise, there’s one thing that makes this model stand out:

Its M8 trigger mechanism which can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure, while still delivering a really smooth trigger feeling.

A great all-round choice, with the quality assurance that comes with the JBL brand name to back it up.

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Mares Sten Pneumatic Speargun

If you’re not interested in band-powered spearguns and prefer a pneumatic option, the Mares Sten is the gun we recommend.

Ideal for reef fishing or cave diving, where its maneuverability shines, it’s easy to load, and it comes with a plastic loader and an air pump.

The Mares Sten comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 41cm (16.5in) to 100cm (39.4in), uses 7 or 8mm shafts and offers the best price to performance ratio on the market.

The only complaint we have is that the shaft that comes with the gun is not stainless steel, so be advised that you might need to change it, depending on your needs.

Aside from this inexplicable oversight from Mares, the Sten is a pneumatic speargun that will last you for years with some care, and it’s an offer that, for the money, is hard to beat.

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