Best Portable Fishing Rods in 2024 – Reviewed & Ranked

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Portable fishing rods are the perfect addition to an anglers arsenal. Unexpected angling opportunities can arise at any time.

When it comes to being prepared for such instances, I do not think any fishing supplies and equipment can fulfill an angler’s goal better than the right rod.

Also known as telescopic fishing rods, they are made using a combination of different materials.

Graphite, carbon fiber, and possibly fiberglass, along with stainless steel eyes, come together to make the most innovative angling equipment.

Lightweight and durable, with a smooth telescopic design, makes them suitable for both lake and saltwater fishing. The real beauty is the ease with which you can transport them.

However, before shopping for one, it’s necessary to understand the factors that can help you select the right one for your needs.

After that, I’ll tell you my best portable fishing rods, based on my experience using them, and review some features.

Best Portable Fishing Rods in 2024

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List of the Top 5 Collapsible Fishing Rods

Now that you know the qualities to look for in these rods, I will share with you the 5 top products that I have checked out.

After that, I will tell you which one is the best rod based on my experience with them.

KastKing BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod -#1 Portable Fishing Pole

If you are looking for a well-built rod that’s dependable, I think you will like KastKing BlackHawk. I found it to be very useful for turning purposes.

It’s a hardcore travel fishing rod which is great for backpacking. The company boasts a unique carbon fiber construction for the rod.

Apparently, the cast flex carbon blank technology and their KastKing power transition system combined with their computer-controlled wrapping system are supposed to make it feel like a one-piece rod.

I was eager to see if that is what it really felt like and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. 7 feet long and quick, this thing really cast like a dream. I literally felt like I was using a standard one-piece rod.

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Goture Retractable Rod

Offering a remarkable 11 feet and 10 inches for a weight of just over 300 grams, the Goture is in my opinion, the best option to choose.

The length of the rod is just 2.2 feet when you collapse it.

I love everything about this rod. The e-glass and high-density carbon fiber material rod makes it flexible yet durable. It is able to deadlift up to 10 pounds!

I was able to fish comfortably without even thinking of using a fighting belt for the bigger ones plus the EVA butt handle gave me a strong non-slip grip even when this baby got wet.

From your average lakeside fishing to the large saltwater game fish, this rod can do it all. A powerful, reliable, and fast rod, this is truly one of the best options to add to your fishing tackle arsenal.

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Sougayilang Collapsible Combo 

The next product I looked at was the Sougayilang. I’d say this is a good option for people going on backpacking camping trips. For a 9-foot long pole, it has a relatively affordable price.

The length also makes it super easy to launch it over a long distance.

Sougayilang has great flexibility, and it was straightforward to carry it in my backpack since it is collapsible down to a foot and a half. This makes life so much easier when carrying your backpack. Trust me.

When I opened it to the casting position for the first time, its lightweight design almost caught me by surprise. If you’re into catching catfish or bass, I feel like this is a good bet. It’s your standard spinning rod.

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The carbon fiber makes this one exceptionally durable and flexible. Boasting ceramic guides, a lightweight aluminum spool, and a tough inner mechanism, Sougayilang is a powerful angling tool.

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PLUSINNO Telescopic Retractable Pole

Plusinno’s is another carbon fiber and fiberglass mixed rod which is really true to its name.

When you collapse Plusinno, it’s almost 16 inches long and gives you a reasonable 5.9 feet (at full length).

One thing that really surprised me about the Plusinno rod was that I accidentally hooked on a big bass when I was testing it out.

Considering its small lightweight and compact size, this product did a really good job.

Its handle extends about 5 inches more so I was able to give the fish a proper fight with a wider two-handed grip.

The lightweight but incredibly flexible rod made it easier to get the fish under control and bring it back in.

Its adjustable handle and metal alloy locking mechanism make it one of the top compact fishing rods to choose.

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Supertrip Telescopic Combo

Don’t be fooled by the 300-gram weight of this 6-foot long piece of hardware. It is one of the strongest telescopic rods that I have used.

The carbon fiber construction of the Supertrip rod made it feel like a real treat.

It has a steel rack bar transmission structure, which works with the inflexible fluted circle to help you do what you are doing without placing exertion on the rod.

It will last you a very long time considering that everything has been hardened twice as high as your standard rods.

All things considered, it is a bit pricier but it’s an investment which will save you money in the long run.

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How to Choose A Good Portable Fishing Rod?

With so many different rods to choose from, you might be wondering how to pick the best of the lot, right?

I’m going to give you a quick overview of some important things that might just help you pick the top product.

Rod Type

First and foremost, decide on the type of rod you need. There are several options you can choose from, including spinning rods, surf rods, and fly rods.

People use spinning rods mostly for recreational and sports angling. A graphite or fiberglass rod is really comfortable to use due to its weight.

Out on the sea, plenty of people go for surf rods. If you’re a surf fisher, I think it makes sense to use one specifically designed for it.

Fly rods are great for casting artificial baits easily.

When angling, the best thing about using a portable fishing rod is that it offers you the ease of storage and utility. I’d suggest going for your standard spinning rod.


Next up is the material. Like I said earlier, they are made of different materials. The ideal material for the rod, in my opinion, is fiberglass.

You get to carry it around without a hassle to your angling destination. No need to fret over carrying extra components as you have everything you need in a small package, almost ready to go.

Some models combine graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass to make high durability rods. Fiberglass rods, mixed with carbon fiber rods, are practically unbreakable. This is one of the main advantages of these models.

Keep in mind, the rod material matters a lot! Quite simply, it can make or break your fishing experience or backpacking trip.


Collapsible fishing rods come in different lengths. Your style and type of fishing comes into play here. Select the length of based on your own personal preference.


A crucial factor to consider while selecting a rod is power. The importance of choosing a suitable option is essentially the size of the fish it can handle.

If you’re planning to catch small fish, a rod with lower power will work fine. On the other hand, a rod with higher power will make it easy for your fishing reel to drag in a bigger catch.

You need to consider this crucial feature when choosing.


The rapidness of a rod refers to how fast it will go back into its original position from the position it was while casting. It can be categorized as slow, moderate and fast.

Rod Activity

The next thing you need to consider is the activity of the rod you will use. The activity of the rod indicates the area it will be flexible while casting and when your fishing hooks land on something.

The activity of a rod is traditionally referred to by its speed. If a rod has a quick activity, it means its tip is the flexible part.

Medium activity means that the midriff and tip flex, while moderate activity means the whole bar will flex.

Considering the mechanics of portable fishing rods and the qualities of materials used to make them, the activity will range from moderate to medium.

This implies that the throwing separation is restricted to shorter extents.


While considering the rod, it is important to see how well the bar spaces. The topical issue with portability products is that the spaces might turn or escape line if you’ve caught a big one.

Of course, there are excellent models that can take on even the strongest of fish without any disruption.

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My Final Verdict?

So what is the best portable fishing rod overall?

From your average lakeside angling to the large saltwater game fish, the Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod can do it all. A powerful, reliable and fast rod, this is truly is a great choice.

Whether you are starting off with angling or love to go every week, in my opinion, this is the tool that will serve you the best.

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