5 Best Ice Fishing Suit – Top Products Reviewed For 2024

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Without an ice fishing suit, you’re not fishing; you’re just freezing. It sounds extreme, but fishing in sub-zero conditions without the appropriate apparel is very dangerous.

Most of us come up with the right gear to stay dry, warm, and safe. And for most of us, only the best ice fishing suit will do.

The term ice fishing suit means different things to different people. For some, the “suit” part is just the bib. For others, it’s the bib plus the jacket.

And others will suggest the suit refers to the whole shebang – everything we wear for fishing the ice.

Today we’re going to look at the 5 best Ice fishing suits. We’ll include the bib and the jacket. 

In many cases, bibs and jackets are sold separately, so you can mix and match.

5 Best Ice Fishing Suits

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5 Best Ice Fishing Suits Reviewed

1. Navis Marine Offshore Jacket & Bib – Best Allrounder Ice Fishing Suit

The Navis Marine ice fishing suit is an example of a comprehensive professional fishing uniform. 

It’s completely waterproof and windproof, yet the breathable shell ensures outstanding perspiration management and prevents wetness from coming from within.

NAVIS MARINE 3 Layer Sailing Suits for Men PRO Waterproof Hooded Sailing Jackets Fully Taped Seam Fishing Gear (Black M)
  • Material: 3 Layer Nylon PTFE Laminated designed for a variety of sailing conditions.
  • Lightweight Mesh Lining: Soft internal mesh maximises airflow in warm conditions and provides warmth in colder conditions.
  • Fully Seam Taped: Fully seam taped with all critical junctions further reinforced to provide maximum waterproof protection.
  • Multiple Pockets: 2 Chest zipper pocket; 4 Lower hand warmer pockets; 2 Zipper pockets on the sleeves and 1 Zipped inner pockets. All in key locations for easy access & storage of important belongings.

Last update on 2024-06-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

While predominantly black, bright yellow accents and reflective materials deliver ‘see me’ viability in a variety of low visibility conditions.

The bib is very comfortable once you’ve adjusted all the straps to suit your physique and levels of movement. 

This can take some time to work out. It might feel a little bulky and uncomfortable when you first put it on, but there is ample adjustment to configure it perfectly for you.

The handy front zip on the bib is great for when nature calls and also for venting. The zipper quality is outstanding. 

Keeping them clean will ensure out-of-the-box performance.

There are 2 spacious cargo pockets with water deflecting closures. The 4 handwarmer pockets have fleece lining, ideal for thawing frosty hands.

This is a premium ice fishing suit great for fishing where conditions will be at their chilling worst.


  • Durable Construction
  • Keeps the water and wind out
  • Highly adjustable
  • Quality materials
  • Professional grade


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to get adjustments perfect

2. WindRider Ice Fishing Suit – Editor’s Choice

The WindRider has 3M thermal insulation throughout, including the hood. The quality is such that the level of warmth needs tempering with the double zips. 

The amount of temperature and airflow adjustment is a feature of the WindRider.

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit | Insulated Bibs and Jacket | Flotation | Tons of Pockets | Adjustable Inseam | Reflective Piping | Waterproof Gear for Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling (Medium)

With a little practice, you can make adjustments to achieve your preferred thermal setting as conditions fluctuate during a session.

Falling through the ice isn’t uncommon, and the WindRider has insulation foam that also doubles as floatation.

While this does add bulk to the suit, it’s not something you will notice in terms of restricted movement or excess weight. 

What it provides is the peace of mind that you’ll float in the worst-case scenario.

The WindRider has excellent storage and access to your underclothes.

The jacket has 2 large mesh pockets, a handy smaller chest pocket, and a couple of internal pockets, with hand warmer pockets to manage freezing hands.

All the external pockets are weatherproof, with flaps to direct the rain away. 

The bib pockets provide access to your underclothes, allowing you the convenience of more accessible pocket storage.

Ice anglers will appreciate the extra knee protection. We spend a lot of time on our knees, so the added impact and thermal protection are welcomed, particularly for older anglers, with knee issues.

This is a great ice fishing suit with outstanding quality. Yes, you’ll pay for it, but it’s by no means the most expensive suit on the market.


  • Quality construction and construction materials
  • Premium zippers
  • Excellent thermal qualities
  • Top shelf wind and rain protection
  • Floats for safety


  • Expensive
  • Limited hi-vis inclusions

3. WindRider Pro Jacket + Bib – Best Overall Ice Fishing Suit

It was a tossup between the WindRider and the WindRider Pro for the editor’s choice. This suit was my preference, but the affordability of the WindRider edged out the pro.

Firstly, the red color of the Pro is a standout safety inclusion. Hi-vis colors are the prudent safety choice for low light and low vis conditions. 

WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear - Rain Suit - Breathable and Waterproof

It’s also available in black. Add to this its flotation, and you have one of the safest ice fishing suits you can buy.

There are 13 pockets on the Pro, including fleece-lined hand warmer pockets. 

It’s true you can never have too much storage, but I am inclined to forget which pocket I put what.

I often find myself pulling the gloves off and going through every pocket to find a sinker, lure cover, or packet of swivels.

The double zippers are of excellent quality, with flaps to channel the rain away. 

Front access to the bib is very convenient for when nature calls. I’ve never understood suits that don’t provide this feature.

Cordura knee reinforcement not only protects your knees but also protects your ice suit. 

The knees are at a high wear point, often failing first. The extra protection extends the working life of the bib.

The Velcro adjustment is easy to use. You can do it wearing gloves with practice. 

The hood rolls away when it isn’t required making the neck a little bulky but nothing uncomfortable.

There is a high level of strap adjustment on the extremities to manage comfort, movement, and ventilation. 

The suit is breathable, so you won’t have issues with wet underclothes due to excessive perspiration.

This is a premium ice fishing suit and is priced accordingly. 

It will appeal to those anglers who frequent the ice and prefer using the best products available, regardless of price.


  • Quality construction and construction materials
  • Premium zippers
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Brilliant wind and rain protection
  • Floats for safety
  • Red model excellent for hi-vis


  • Expensive

4. Ourcan Rain Suits – Best Budget Ice fishing Suit for Warmer Conditions

Premium ice fishing suits are expensive. Quite often, the conditions are such that we don’t need the features of a premium suit, but we still need to keep the wind, rain, and snow out. 

We need the waterproof properties, but not all the heavy-hitting bells and whistles. The Ourcan Rain suit is a popular suit for such conditions. 

Ourcan Rain Suits for Men Fishing Rain Gear for Men Waterproof Lightweight Rain Coats for Men Waterproof with Hood and Pants (Black,M)

For around $150 (depending on the supplier), you have an all-season rain suit that doubles as a versatile ice fishing suit for when conditions are warm and stable.

The pants and jacket set use a PVC coating over polyester. 

This combination keeps you dry and keeps the wind out, but it’s incredibly lightweight and allows the convenience of freedom of movement.

The inner mesh layer is breathable, ensuring you don’t overheat and soak your clothes in perspiration.

The durable construction will handle the rigors of ice fishing and other activities hard on clothing.

The pockets are spacious and provide access to the clothes underneath the rain suit. 

Flaps channel rain away from the pocket openings.

While not a high vis color, there are yellow reflective strips around the arms for when you’re fishing in low light visibility.

Drawstrings on the wrist and leg cuffs can be adjusted to keep out the cold and wet or allow for greater ventilation. 

The hood is removable, however, doesn’t have onboard storage.

This is a basic ice fishing suit only but it will suit anglers looking for versatile weatherproof rain gear that will be ideal for warmer days on the ice.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Wind and rainproof
  • Ideal for warmer conditions
  • Allows good freedom of movement


  • Limited features
  • No knee protection and reinforcement
  • No floatation

5. SNBOCON One Piece Jumpsuit – Best Budget One Piece Fishing Suit

Some anglers like a one-piece jumpsuit they can simply step into. For those active in the snow, this suit will make a good general-purpose snowsuit that’s ideal for ice fishing.

Constructed from 100 percent polyester, it has double reinforced seams, a waterproof external fabric, and a 10k breathable inner.

SNBOCON Mens One Piece Ski Suit Colorful Jumpsuits Snowboard Snowsuits Winter Outdoor Waterproof for Snow Sports(M,Green)

Front zippered ventilation enables high levels of ventilation and thermal adjustment. 

Conditions on the ice can be changeable from hour to hour. Internal temperature regulation is a handy feature for avoiding overheating.

The seams are fully sealed. Even in the toughest winds, your suit will protect you from the session-killing winds.

Durability is a feature. The polyester suit is strong and is designed for high-activity, high-impact snow sports. 

The continual grind on the ice and snow won’t damage your suit.

Fitting around the neck is adjustable, as is the hood. There’s an adjustable waistband for adjusting comfort around the belly and support of your back.

Velcro leg and arm adjustment improve ventilation control while providing a great seal around boots and gloves.

There are four generous pockets on the legs and 2 on the chest. There’s also a convenient window pocket located on the left arm.

The front zipper ensures you can respond to the call of nature without having to strip off in the freezing cold.

Available in 7 sizes and 4 colors, the one-piece jumpsuit will add warmth and versatility to your ice fishing kit.


  • One piece
  • Very durable
  • Wind and rainproof
  • Ideal for most snow and ice sports
  • Allows good freedom of movement


  • No added knee protection
  • No hi-vis features
  • No floatation

Buyer’s Guide. Things To Consider


Warmth is critical, and the level of warmth will be determined by the quality of the insulation.

Suits will vary significantly here, and the easiest way to make a judgment is by checking thickness.

By and large, the thicker the suit, the greater levels of insulation. The quality of materials also plays a role, but it’s mostly about thickness.

Theirs is a compromise with a thicker bib and jacket. The thicker your gear, the less freedom of movement.

Some anglers will feel restricted in heavy suits with flotation doubling as insulation. It’s a good idea to try on a suit before you buy one if you can.


The term waterproof can vary across products and manufacturers. A full waterproof suit will prevent rain and snow from entering the fabric, including the seams.

Look for features such as double-stitched seams and flaps over the pocket openings and zips. 

Channeling water away from easy ingress points ensures water won’t get in because of soaking or gaps in zippers.

Waterproofing is critical. 

The moment you get wet underneath your suit, it’s almost impossible to get dry and keep warm, especially if you don’t have an ice hut or warm shelter to dry wet clothes.


Look for suits that have a breathable inner shell. A breathing fabric will help to control perspiration. 

Even though it’s freezing outside, your warm body inside the ice suit will still perspire – especially during high activity.

Perspiration will make your clothes wet. When your clothes get wet, it’s impossible to dry them.


Many premium ice suits will have built-in floatation. It’s designed to keep you floating upright should you fall through the ice.

While falling through the ice isn’t something that happens frequently, it does happen consistently. There will always be an instance or two every season.

Needless to say, falling into such frigid waters is life-threatening. A floating suit might make the difference between life and death. A suit with floatation is a very wise choice.

Be aware that the floatation materials will make a suit heavier and bulkier. It’s a very small sacrifice for such safety.


A functional ice fishing suit has high levels of adjustment, lots of well-placed, well-designed storage pockets, and convenient zips for responding to the call of nature.

For me, the critical aspect is a good fit that allows freedom of movement. Heavy insulation and floatation can restrict movement.

Premium ice fishing suits tend to have the levels of insulation and floatation but have enough adjustment to set it up for easy, functional movement. 

A functional suit will also have options for ventilation.

Visibility Accents

My preference will always be ice fishing suits that can be seen easily in low light and low visibility.

In terms of safety, I will look for hi-vis inclusions over floatation. Being able to be seen can save your life.


Prices vary from the low hundreds for very basic ice fishing suitable rain suits, up to $650, and more for premium suits. 

Highly functional, well insulated, water and windproof suits retail between $200 and $450.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Most Important – An Ice Fishing Bib or Jacket?

This is a tricky question to answer. Put it like this. If you could only choose one, which one would you choose? I’d choose the jacket, and I expect many others would too.

However, the bottom line is they’re equally important for total safety and protection.

What is the Warmest Striker Ice Suit?

The Striker Ice Climate Jacket is claimed to be the warmest. And that’s not just warmest in their range, but warmest available. 

This is a strong claim we can’t scientifically verify.

Do Striker Ice Bibs Run Small?

Striker ice bibs tend to be on the small side of the size scale. It’s better to go bigger, allowing more room underneath.
Keep in mind there is a lack of consistency across ice suit sizes, and getting the perfect fit can be tricky. 

Look for adjustability and try on when you can.

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