Best Anti-Backlash Baitcast Reel: 5 Top Choices to use

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If you enjoy fishing, you’ve likely read a ton of articles about what’s the best rod and reel combination to help you meet your ultimate goal – catching more fish.

While a baitcaster reel is the most common choice for bass anglers, these reels can be used for a wide variety of fish.

However, many people shy away from using them because they can be intimidating to learn how to use.

Plus, many people assume (often correctly) that most baitcast reels have a reputation for causing lots of backlash.

Luckily, knowing how a baitcaster reel works can help you find the best product for your needs – as can the purchase of a reel designed specifically to eliminate backlash.

Consider our guide to the best anti-backlash baitcast reel, and you’ll be hauling in bass in no time. Yes, even with little experience!

Best Anti-Backlash Baitcast Reels

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What is a Baitcaster?

A baitcaster is a type of reel that allows anglers to use larger lures and more refined techniques while they are out on the water.

While a lightweight spinning reel may be easier to configure, baitcaster reels give you so much more control of your lures and casts, allowing you to fish with more precision and success.

Baitcaster reels have the reputation of being complex and tough to use. However, the construction of a baitcaster reel is relatively simple.

To start with, you will have a tension knob that pushes tension onto the spool. This either allows the spool to spin or prevents it from spinning.

You use this before you cast to adjust your tension. The next piece of your baitcaster reel is the brake.

Baitcaster reels can have either centrifugal or magnetic brakes. You use these when casting and they can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

How Do You Set Up and Use a Baitcaster?

The problem with some baitcaster reels is that the spool is often able to run over the cast (or to keep spinning) long after the lure has met some source of resistance.

Usually, backlash happens when your lure hits the water, but it’s also common for wind to cause backlash.

To limit backlash, you need to adjust both your spool tension and your brakes.

Watch this video below for more tips on how to avoid backlash while casting.

To adjust your spool tension, hold your rod out from your body and slowly loosen the tension until your lure hits the ground.

Then, move back a single click. Shake your rod. It should not take a lot of force to get your lure to drop. To adjust the brake, push out the tabs on your rod.

This will turn your brake off. Brakes should be set so that pressure is even, and from there you can adjust the rod to your particular level of comfort.

If you have magnetic brakes, you will just need to move the dial to a higher setting. Spool a baitcaster reel full of line.

A baitcaster that does not contain the maximum amount of line will not work as well – you may have to crank more or harder to reel in the line. It can also affect your casting ability.

Before you head out on the water, make sure you practice your casts. Using a baitcaster effectively comes down to being able to cast well. Start by demonstrating short casts, and watch your spool.

Often you can prevent backlash by keeping an eye on what your line is doing.

You can practice in your backyard or out on the water – just remember to spend a lot of time with your baitcaster before you actually need to use it.

Using a baitcaster can be somewhat of an acquired talent, but purchasing an anti-backlash baitcast reel can help take some of the guesswork out of casting.

It can reduce annoyances and other minor hiccups related to baitcasting, too.

Benefits and Challenges of Using a Baitcasting Reel

Many people avoid using baitcaster reels because they have the ability to backlash, unlike other kinds of reels.

However, getting a handle on the backlash, either through properly setting up and using them or purchasing anti-backlash reels, can make this a nonissue altogether.

Baitcaster reels present many benefits to counteract this one disadvantage.

For starters, you can use a heavier line on a baitcaster reel because the line will come directly through the line guide and through the rod guides.

You can find out all about the best baitcasting rods here.

There is usually less line twist, which can be detrimental to casting, and you can cast both longer and farther, too. Baitcaster reels simply have more power.

The way the spool is designed allows you to use more torque, power, and control in your casts.

You can control almost to a pinpoint the distance and speed of your lure, allowing you to fish exactly the spot you need to be in.

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How To Choose a Good Anti-Backlash Baitcast Reel?

There are a few factors you should pay attention to when selecting the best anti-backlash baitcast reel.

For starters, consider the brand. Many manufacturers produce reels with features that you may or may not need, while others offer extended or lifetime warranties.

Pay attention to the braking system of the reel. A magnetic system will be cheaper and easier to learn, but a centrifugal system, which operates in more of a manual fashion, will allow you to adjust with more precision.

Consider the speed of your reel – this will lower torque and provide better performance. Finally, pay attention to the bearings in your reel.

Those with more bearings will generally provide a better cast, but they must be high-quality bearings in order to be effective.

Also consider the frame of your reel – aluminum reels are the most expensive (and hardest to find) but they will hold up best over time and provide exceptional performance.

Alloy or graphite frames are more common but less ideal.

Top 5 Anti-Backlash Baitcasting Reels

1. Piscifun Torrent 18LB 7-1 Baitcasting Reel (Top Choice)

This reel offers unparalleled quality and affordable prices to beginner and expert anglers alike.

The reel is made out of stainless steel, a unique choice for a baitcasting reel, and is very lightweight and saltwater resistant as a result.

The reel contains six bearings, and the handle is large, giving you plenty of control.

As a beginner, I really liked using this reel, as it was quick to learn the ropes and also easy to adjust the settings.


  • A great choice for beginners
  • Smooth reel with six bearings
  • Unique design with an oil hole that makes maintenance of the reel easy


  • Gear ratios do not easily adjust

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2. Noeby Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

The Noeby Low Profile reel is one of the best anti-backlash products on the market.

This reel can be used in saltwater or freshwater situations and has an adjustable braking system.

Noeby Low Profile Baitcasting Reel Left Handed with 10+1 Ball Bearings 6.3:1 Gear Ratio Saltwater Fishing Reels Baitcaster, Left Handed Baitcast Reel
  • This Baitcasting Reel is Saltwater safe; Ultra and high performance for casting 1-7g lure
  • It’s adjustable magnetic braking system gives you total control of the cast from beginning to end, virtually eliminating backlashes
  • CNC machined double-anodized aluminum spool with large line capacity; Precisely machined high strength brass gears
  • 10+1 stainless steel Bearings and Japan NMB stainless steel bearings in both sides of spool; One way clutch system

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The gears are made out of brass and the spool is constructed from durable aluminum, both of which contribute to the longevity of this reel.


  • Sturdy, high-quality construction
  • Powerful gear ratio and strong drag power
  • An adjustable magnetic braking system gives you better control of the reel


  • It can be difficult to fine-tune the gears on this reel

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3. Piscifun Perseus Low Profile Reel

Another popular baitcast reel by Piscifun is the Perseus Low Profile Reel.

This reel is strong and powerful and has a number of unique features. For instance, it has double line winding shafts and powerful gears made out of brass.

With a magnetic brake, beginners will find it easy to control their casts. Stainless steel protects the interior of the reel from the elements.


  • Has a powerful drag system to handle large fish
  • Designed with anti-corrosion technology
  • Smooth retrieval


  • Only available in one color

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4. Daiwa Zillion SV TW

This reel is a revolutionary product offered by mammoth angling manufacturer Daiwa.

It is a compact reel that handles quite easily – you hardly have to thumb the spool with lightweight lures.

The reel reduces friction and harsh line angles, making it easy to cast and less likely to experience backlash.


  • Equipped with tournament drag system to better handle aggressive fish
  • Drag system has oversized carbon washers to improve smooth functioning
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and durable


  • Can be difficult to adjust for beginners

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5. Shimano 200IHG Curado RH Baitcast Reel

Shimano has produced high-quality fishing equipment for nearly a hundred years and offers a reel that is both durable and high-quality.

This reel is made out of a lightweight combination of graphite, steel, and aluminum. It has oversized knobs to give you plenty of traction.

Shimano Curado 200 IHG right hand baitcast fishing reel, CU200IHG

You can adjust this reel easily, and the drag can be set for up to 12 pounds. It has a fast gearing ratio and has a 190-yard line capacity.

This is the best choice for anyone wanting a high-end reel that is made from a top-quality brand.


  • Excellent line capacity
  • Constructed out of durable, lightweight materials
  • Quick retrieve


  • Drag is weak

What is the Best no backlash reel?

For novice and expert anglers alike, I have to recommend the first reel on my list above (the Piscifun) as my top anti-backlash baitcast reel.

In all of my experiences with baitcasting, I’ve never found a reel that works quite as well as this one does at eliminating backlash while also providing a smooth, efficient cast.

This product is both affordable and durable, and while it might not be the fanciest baitcast reel you can buy, it will definitely get the job done for you – no matter where (or how well!) you may be fishing.

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